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Why clients believe that our magnetic business cards are good for building their social credibility?

Business cards, also known as social cards, or contact cards, are considered essential part of any marketer’s promotional toolbox. Today, these traditional business cards are tossed in favor of business card magnets because they stick for long time. Regular business cards are vulnerable to risks and are often forgotten, which can be detrimental for any business owner, as customers will consider the next best option, if they don’t find their contact business information at the right time. However, business card magnets posses high retention value, and people will take extra care to put it before eyes at all times by affixing them over a table or other visible surfaces. Custom business card magnets make a good refrigerator art piece too!

Our business card magnets will catapult your brand identity to new heights by offering easy visibility to business messages. You can choose to customize it with all important information pertaining to business such as email id, contact address, website, name of the company and logo. Leaping a step further you can try to boost the oomph factor of your business card magnets by incorporating graphics, interesting punch lines, or some social messages etc. This smart act will not only aid in boosting your brand credentials, but also help you to stand above rest of the crowd.

Don’t you think the real deal in a tightly jam-packed market place is to shine above the crowd, still offer them enough reasons to smile and remember you? If the answer is yes, then you can start replacing your plain old business card magnets with- peel and stick business card magnets, magnetic business card calendars, business card magnet holder etc. We also offer business card size magnets to suit the promotional preferences of advertisers working in different budget sizes and niche sectors.

Custom business card magnets are easier to carry around and they make a good mailing, giveaway, promotional gift and thanking token in any season. Custom business card magnets such as peel and stick business card magnets, magnetic business card calendars, can easily show up against the refrigerator door, office cabinets, or work cubicles. This means your business information remains before customers eyes at all times and they will consider you as the next point of contact whenever the need for your kind of services arises.

Smaller businesses, which cannot afford to invest in multimillion campaigns, can definitely seek business card magnets cheap and pit on any of these full color business card magnets options displayed on the website.

Why Custom Business Cards Magnets?

This question may resonate in minds of those who are hunting for business card magnets or business card size magnets for their promotions. They can find answer in these 7 degrees of separation, which sets us apart-

  • Cheaper and Stronger– We are the leading manufacturers, printers, and designers of high selling printed business card magnets in USA. This makes our prices cheaper than others and it is the only reason, why we offer business card magnets cheap than many of our contemporaries and competitors.
    Generally it is observed that the regular business cards are printed on inferior quality paper and easily give up to little pressure, which means it is vulnerable to tear and misplacement at slightest disturbance. However, printed business card magnets presented here are created of best quality raw material and they are water and scratch resistant too.
  • Discounts and Savings- We offer discount business card magnets, which attracts advertisers who are planning bulk promotions. 1000 business card magnets for $130, which is a rare price match in the industry. Customers can place large orders and seek attractive discounts too. Also, they can savor a large chunk of satisfaction coupled with immense satisfaction! Wholesale business card magnets are our forte and by now many advertisers have utilized these well presented business card magnet adhesive for spinning bigger success stories.
  • Abundance of Variety and Higher Retention Rates– We can offer business card size magnets in shapes depending on promotional requirements of our clients. Be it a magnetic business card calendar or any other type of aesthetically altered business card magnets, the retention rates are simply high because people find them interesting. Our designers work extra hard to polish appearance of business cards and magnets to make them hit with the masses.
    In short, we offer magnets business card size for all big and small budget promotions.
  • A bag full of freebies – We offer lots of freebies on all magnet orders and this one ain’t different too! Free art setup, design and free shipping are offered on business card size magnets of all types. We also offer free business card magnets sample to those who wish to try out our special magnets such as magnetic business card calendars or stick on simpler choices such as adhesive backed business card magnets.
  • Environment Friendly and USA Made – All business card magnets adhesive are created out of sourced, lead free and recycled materials in USA.
  • Full Color Printing – We offer full color business card magnets (CMYK Printing) in all genres. PMS Color matching is offered on all these full color business card magnets, which means you have plethora of colorful options to depend upon.
  • Lovely "No’s and Fast Deliveries- No payments (Until the acceptance of design proof), No hidden charges. Fast turnaround time. First design proof dispatched within 24 hours.


ONE- TO -ONE ATTENTION & COMPLETE ASSISTANCE OFFERED ON ALL ORDERS FROM THE TIME OF ORDERING TO THE TIME OF DELIVERY. NO HIDDEN CHARGES! To know more about wholesale business card magnets or discount business card magnets, please feel free to call us at 855-7 MAGNET [855-762-4638]

To know more about wholesale business card magnets, please feel free to call us at 855-7 MAGNET [855-762-4638]

Client testimonials What our customer's say?

“ I am happy to see that many people are still retaining the magnetic business cards that I purchased from you. Thanks guys, and am sure these cards are the main reason, why people still call me to entrust their work. I should say the designs are timeless. I am planning to place orders for the second batch of magnetic business cards. “

-Ted Sassoon, Arlington, MA

Today, I am familiar with their customer service and working pattern. I am sure that any order, which I place, will be met with equal importance and will be delivered within 3 business days. I should say these guys have simply blown me off their behavior and quick response.

- Bright Johnson, Tacoma, WA

I was hesitant to try it with Custom Business Card magnets because my previous experiences with some companies have been extremely bad. This is the 5th supplier I am trying in the span of 3 years. Now my search has stopped here because you guys served me more than expectations.

- Will Bryant, Arcata, CA

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